We develop nurse call technology to improve senior care.

  • Actionable Data
  • Fully Integrated Communications
  • Comprehensive Analytics

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iAlert™ Handset replaces walkie-talkies, cell phones, and pagers carried by caregivers into a single, streamlined, easy-to-use mobile product. When a nurse call occurs, all responsible caregivers receive audible pages, even if their device is locked. Caregivers can easily see which calls have not been taken, which have been taken by others, and which are their responsibility. Provided care can also be recorded with ease.

The Handset provides private/group text messaging and voice call capabilities, for instant and easy communication among caregivers and nurse station personnel using our Console software.


iAlert™ Console is a desktop software product that offers nurse station personnel and facility managers a comprehensive view into the status of the entire facility, including individual caregivers and call statuses, as well as a full suite of reporting tools.

Access to the data is comprehensive: number of calls received (including from whom), response times and number of calls taken by caregivers, time with individual residents and care provided. Questions about who, what, when, where and why can be answered.

Data Central

DataCentral™ is the analytics tool designed for executives that need to understand the “big picture.” Using a few clicks, you can analyze, compare, benchmark and track multiple performances by employees, zones, communities, States, regions... You can also evaluate and compare requests by individual residents, such as number of calls, time with caregiver and care provided.


Our designers and developers can work with you to integrate APB products into existing or new communities. We can also modify our products to reflect your branding.


iAlert™ is available as a full installation for new facilities as well as to replace aging last-generation systems. In addition, iAlert™ can make use of some already-installed pull cords, wander guard systems, fire alarm systems and video systems from compatible major vendors.

Complete Support

APB products are fully supported through our carefully selected partners and our Portland-based network operations center. In addition, automatic daily backups of iAlert™ configuration and report data are pushed up from each system to APB’s cloud backup systems to ensure minimal loss in case of any issues.

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